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    Classical and reconditioning massage

    Various assemblies as agreed

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    Indian anti-stress head massage

    Degrades the effects of tension and everyday stress

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    Detoxic honey massage

    The healing power of honey has a beneficial effect on the skin and the entire body, especially the lymphatic system

Massage price list

For each fifth massage 50% discount
For bringing two clients 1 hour massage of your choice for free

  • Swedish classical relaxing and reconditioning massage

    Swedish classical relaxing and reconditioning massage

    A set of techniques created in the west helping for the deep blood repletion of tired muscles. It relaxes, excites and generates a sense of well-being. Includes whole body massage or relevant preferred parts that need attention.

    Full body massage 120 min95 EUR
    Nape massage + back 50 min55 EUR
    Nape massage + back + legs + feet 80 min75 EUR
    Massage of the legs 50 min55 EUR

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  • Massage for pregnant women

    Massage for pregnant women

    Helps expectant mothers with minor health problems, psychological distress, relieves tension in the lumbar and thoracic section of the back.

    In the last months of pregnancy the touch also affects the baby.

    2. trimester of pregnancy 30 min35 EUR
    3. trimester of pregnancy 50 min65 EUR

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  • Honey - detox massage

    Honey - detox massage

    The effects of this truly healthy method extend to the inside of the body and favorably affect both the lymphatic and the nervous system. This type of massage successfully removes fatigue syndromes, long-lasting cavity problems and generally boosts one's immunity. .

    Massage can not be done in case of honey allergy.

    Three repetitions of honey application 40min65 EUR

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  • Indian antistress massage

    Indian antistress massage

    This extremely relaxing massage method very successfully removes tension and painful information in the area of the head, neck, nape and shoulders. It is carried out dry without oil and is popular for all ages. The effect brings a beneficial feeling of relaxation both on physical and inner level.

    Head massage + neck + nape 40 min65 EUR

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Think about your body... and mind.

Let vitality and joy manifest in every movement.

Effects of massage

  • Regeneration, excitement, feeling of relaxation
  • Blood circulation of the skin and muscles to the depth
  • Improving joint and muscle nutrition
  • Helps with pain in all parts of the body
  • Eliminates mental tension in tissues
  • Overall it brings a rejuvenating effect

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